The Committee is made up of a Chairman and a Vice-Chairman who are elected by the Council. Not fewer than six and not more than 12 members are elected by the Selection Committee at the earliest possible time after the beginning of each Parliament.

The National Accounting Committee is elected at the beginnning of each Parliament to check:

Government’s accounting and fund allocation approved by the Parliament as having met the state expenditure;
Any accounting of national administrative bodies and other associations that handle state fund tabled in council;
National accounting statements tabled in the Proceeding Council as per article 107 of the Constitution;
Any other matters that the Committee thinks should be checked, or other matters handed by this Council.

In the absence of the Chairman or Vice-Chairman due to illness or other reasons, the Committee has to select one among them to become Chairman who will chair the Committee’s meeting.

Any member of the Council cannot be elected, hold a post or deputise the post of a Chairman or Members of the National Accounting Committee during his tenure as a minister.

This Committee has the power to summon the presence of anyone or request the issuing of letters, records, and to issue statements to the Councial from one time to time.

Members of the National Accounting Committee
The Chairman is Yang Berhormat Dato' Shahrir bin Abdul Samad (BN-UMNO)

Vice-Chairman is Yang Berhormat Dr. Tan Seng Giaw (DAP)

Yang Berhormat Datuk Nur Jazlan bin Mohamed
Ahli bagi kawasan Pulai (BN-UMNO)

Yang Berhormat Puan Tan Ah Eng
Ahli bagi kawasan Gelang Patah (BN-MCA)

Yang Berhormat Tuan Ir. Haji Hamim bin Samuri
Ahli bagi kawasan Ledang (BN-UMNO)

Yang Berhormat Datuk Seri Panglima Mojilip b. Bumburing@Wilfred
Ahli bagi kawasan Tuaran (BN-UPKO)

Yang Berhormat Tuan Liang Teck Meng
Ahli bagi kawasan Simpang Renggam (BN-GERAKAN)

Yang Berhormat Tuan Alexander Nanta Linggi
Ahli bagi kawasan Kapit (BN-PRS)

Yang Berhormat Tuan Lee Chee Leong
Ahli bagi kawasan Kampar (BN-MCA)

Yang Berhormat Dato' Haji Abdul Rahman bin Haji Dahlan
Ahli bagi kawasan Kota Belud (BN-UMNO)

Yang Berhormat Tuan Kamarul Baharin bin Abbas
Ahli bagi kawasan Teluk Kemang (PKR)

Yang Berhormat Tuan William Leong Jee Keen
Ahli bagi kawasan Selayang (PKR)

Yang Berhormat Dato' Haji Kamarudin bin Jaffar
Ahli bagi kawasan Tumpat (PAS)

Yang Berhormat Tuan Tony Pua Kiam Wee
Ahli bagi kawasan Petaling Jaya Utara (DAP)

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